What is WindFoiling ?

WindFoiling is an amazing new addition to the world of WindSurfing.It allows people to be flying around at high speed , from 7 knots of wind. And we can still fly in up to 30 knots of wind. On Freeride WindFoil boards and foils, it is amazing . You can use much smaller sails than normal, and there is less pressure on your body, and sensation of flying around is really addictive , and you just can’t wait to get out there. The learning curve is really fast.

WindFoiling with Madloop

Come and check out Windsurf Foiling with Madloop at Lake Pupuke in Auckland-Takapuna. We offer WindFoil lessons and rentals, we use Starboard, Naish and SlingShot foils and boards. To book, call or text Alan 021 958812 or get in touch on our Contact Us page.